Recycling, Environmental Technologies, and Innovations in Waste Management Meet at REW İstanbul Fair

The 14th International Recycling, Environmental Technologies and Waste Management Fair REW İstanbul was organized by IFO Fairs with the support of the Ministry of Environment and Urbanisation of the Turkish Republic at Tüyap Beylikdüzü between 15-17 February. The fair hosted 9,748 professionals from Turkey and abroad for three days. A lot of innovations like the production of energy from garbage, recycling facilities and recycled products,  vehicles to collect and carry waste, on-board equipment and containers, tools and instruments for urban cleanliness, new generation “wastematics” and garbage collection containers, waste water treatment and treatment equipment were exhibited at the fair. 

The first one of the Zero Waste Seminars Held in Antalya

A project called “Zero Waste” was started last September by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanisation in order to reduce resource wastage and to use resources more efficiently. Within this project seminars were planned to be given in 10 cities, and the first of these “Zero Waste, Added Value to The Future” seminars was organized in Antalya on 23rd February. 

2018 Trainer Trainings Start With Ataşehir

Ataşehir Municipality hosted the “Recycling for The Future” training seminar carried out by ÇEVKO.

Primary, secondary, and high school teachers, district reeves, and municipal constabulary officers also attended the seminar.

“German Municipality Experience in The Waste System” Meeting Was Held

The “German Municipality Experience in The Waste System” meeting was held in İstanbul on 14th February. The meeting was organized with the collaboration of the German-Turkish Chamber of Commerce and Industry with the Federal Germany Ministry of Environment, Nature Conservation, Reconstruction and Reactor Safety Environment Export Initiative.
The Munich Waste System, the importance of the fetch centers in the disposal system, improvements in waste incineration and power generation plants were some of the topics that were discussed at the meeting where Alphan Eröztürk, ÇEVKO Foundation 
Public and External Relations Director, gave a presentation on “The Development of The Turkish Waste System and Location of The Fetch Centers.”  
In his presentation, Eröztürk gave information on Waste Fetch Centers, which have existed abroad for quite some time but which are still new in Turkey. Eröztürk pointed out the importance of establishing  Waste Fetch Centers (WFC) and getting them to operate efficiently in order to decrease the cost of waste collecting, and improve the system, plus to enable municipalities to inform the consumers of their works on waste management. Eröztürk said, “In Europe, the WFCs are no longer just places to where waste is brought but they have become second hand markets for products of waste, and platforms to inform and train the community. In our country it has also become important for the success of the system to make the WFCs more attractive for the consumers by design items and certain arrangements.” 
Representatives of various municipalities of İstanbul, association and foundation officials, and representatives of different institutions attending the meeting shared their works and experiences with the participants.

Atık Sisteminde Alman Belediye Deneyimi Toplantısı Düzenlendi

Applications Started For Green Dot Awards 2018

The application process for the Green Dot Industrial Awards has started. The Green Dot Awards are organized by ÇEVKO and are open to firms that stand out with their contributions to sustainable life and use the Green Dot brand in Turkey. The applications for the 4th Green Dot Awards are done online at  and the deadline is 11th May 2018.

elif pouch .cevko webElif, a member of ÇEVKO Foundation, produced the 100% polyethylene (PE) stand-up pouch as a result of long R&D studies. Unlike traditional packaging, the Elif2Pouch is recyclable, and a solution to packaging waste for the producers of fast consumer goods targeting the 2030 recycling goal of the European Commission.

PG surd hedef.cevko webThe Procter & Gamble Company (NYSE:PG) today announced it has achieved many of its 2020 environmental sustainability goals, has plans in place to meet the rest and has established new, broad-reaching goals for 2030. The new goals, titled “Ambition 2030,” aim to enable and inspire positive impact on the environment and society while creating value for the Company and consumers.

tusiad iklim toplantilari 1The first of the TÜSİAD Climate Meetings, “The Role of Funding in The Low-carbon Development Process” took place on 11th April, Wednesday at Tekfen Tower. In his opening speech the Chairman of The Board Erol Bilecik said, “The world is changing at great speed; our natural resources are running out fast; the number and impact of natural disasters is on the increase. The number of unusual weather events has quadrupled on a yearly basis compared to 1970.

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The 5th Zero Waste Seminar Held in Adana
The 5th Zero Waste Seminar conducted by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanisation and supported by ÇEVKO Foundation was held in Adana. The project, which previously took place in Antalya, Denizli, Kocaeli, and Gaziantep, and which targets the controlling of waste to leave a clean and developed Turkey and a more livable world to future generations, will be held in 30 pilot cities. During the event, ÇEVKO Foundation informed participants on recycling, at its stand by giving out educational books and brochures.

Colourful Frame Festival From Muratpaşa Municipality
The Festival organized by the Municipality of Muratpaşa with the slogan ‘Be A Breath’ on 20th-21st-22nd April at the City Square attracted great attention. ÇEVKO prepared painting workshops at its stand, and gave information on recycling while ÇEVKİ, the environmentalist cat was the main focus of especially children.

Environment and Recycling Training by The Municipality of Körfez
On 25th April, Körfez Municipality organized a “Recycling and Environment Training” at the Tütünçiftlik Cultural Center, at which Murat Anaç, the Education Chief of ÇEVKO Foundation gave trainings to the women of the district. ÇEVKO Foundation also distributed flyers to the participants. Three hundred people attended the trainings.


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The International Local Chains Meet Up Conference and Fair (YZB) was held at İstanbul Haliç Congress Center between 11th and 12th April 2018. This conference brings together the representatives of local chain stores in the area of organized food retail and the sector’s leading producer and supplier brands.

The main topic at the fair were elements threatening our future on sustainability of the planet, environment, agriculture, food access. A session called “If mankind survives with nature, let nature survive with retail” was also organized to draw attention to environmental issues, with Güven İslamoğlu, TV program producer and director as moderator, and with the participation of Alphan Eröztürk, ÇEVKO Foundation Public and Foreign Affairs Director; Dr Uygar Özesmi, founder of Good4Trust; and Oben Akyol, General Manager of Tema Foundation.

Critical Warning For 2050!
In his speech, Dr Uygar Özesmi said, “It’s high time we started doing some things right for the sustainability of the planet. Atmosphere and water resources are scarce. The reason why we are at this point is probably our lack of awareness. We are polluting our waters, our air. The amount of clean and fresh air we inhale is becoming less by the minute.”

He went on, “We are constantly changing the chemistry of the atmosphere with coal-fired thermal power plants, fossil fuels, by burning petrol, coal, natural gases, emitting carbondioxide. When the Turkish Republic was founded, the amount of carbondioxide in the atmosphere was 280 ppm whereas today it is over 400 ppm. There has been a 1,1-degree-increase in the temperature since 1860. On average 1,1 degrees lead to an increase of 7 to 10 degrees in the extreme. If this situation continues, the average temperature will have increased by 2,8 degrees by 2050. And what will we do in February 2050 when the outside temperature has reached 70 degrees centigrate? Our planet is giving out alarms in all areas. Another risk besides climate change is the decrease in biodiversity. The fall in the animal species is now 1 million times the normal rate. We must take measures immediately.”


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“The greatest destruction in nature specifics is due to poverty”
At the session, Oben Akyol said regarding the selling of plastic bags within the ‘Waste Directive’ from 1st January 2019, “It is said that consumers do not wish to pay for the plastic shopping bags. The important thing here is not the cost of the bag when using it. We need a holistic point of view to be able to understand nature. That plastic bag is soil, that plastic bag is water. When we throw away the cap of a plastic bottle, it comes out of the stomach of a bird. We have to understand our eco-system correctly. When we are out in the nature, we treat the earth loutishly; we use too many chemicals. The greatest destruction in the specifics of nature comes from poverty. The priorities of a poor rural area are certainly different.”

“The conscious consumption messages given to the consumers by the retailers are critical”
Also at the session Alphan Eröztürk said, “According to the statistics, in Turkey, 1 person produces 1,2 kg of waste daily, and this amounts to 440 kg per year. With a population of 81 million, we produce a yearly amount of 35 million tons of waste, of which 7 million tons are recycled. If we are to speak of environment and waste, we should be aware of this amount.”

Eröztürk went on, “The general public opinion is that waste cannot be recovered. We have been working in collaboration with local authorities and licenced firms for the recycling of waste, especially packaging waste since 1991. Now there is considerable recycling in all types of packaging waste and a recovery industry. The point that needs developing is the seperate collection of packaging waste. As a foundation, we have collaborated with local governments and companies for the collection of 650.000 tons of packaging waste. In other words, last year only, we saved 4,7 million trees.”

Eröztürk also gave warnings on wastage and said, “Data in the world indicate that every year a third of produced food goes to waste. Should we continue to waste our food like this, there will be food shortage and famine in our future, which looks very dark. When we look at the situation in Turkey, the amount of bread which we say ‘it is a sin to throw away’, which we hang on tree branches from time to time, which we just throw away, is 6 million. The importance of retail is great at the point of consumption, its messages very critical. There will always be waste naturally, however, the retailer should tell its customer to ‘consume responsibly’. Another sensitive issue on waste is the plastic shopping bag.”

Eröztürk went on, “1 trillion plastic bags are used in the world. The important thing here is the greatness of the consumption rather than the material. If we continue like this, if we don’t separate our waste properly, if we produce waste, there will be more plastic particles than fish in our seas. At this point the retail should step in. For starters, the stores should target becoming zero waste stores. Maybe environmental pollution was misrepresented until today; it was suggested that our world is in danger. Actually we are the ones in danger. If we wish to protect nature, protect ourselves, there is one thing to do – consume less.”