Media employees working for the Fox Group Networks carried out an environmental cleaning in collaboration with Kartal Municipality and ÇEVKO Foundation on 27th September at the Aydos Woods.
Within the #21CFImpactWeek activities of Fox carried out simultaneously throughout the world, Fox TV employees were trained by ÇEVKO for a whole week on recycling. Following the trainings, nearly 100 Fox TV employees participated in the Aydos Woods cleaning, and over a ton of packaging waste was collected to be sent to recycling.

The environmental benefits of the recycled packaging waste are as follows;
. With the recycling of 140 kg of paper, cardboard and composite packaging waste, 2 trees were saved from being cut down.
.With the recycling of 350 kg of plastic waste, approximately 263 litres of petrol was saved, which is an amount enough to fill the tanks of 6 vehicles.
. With the recycled paper-cardboard/composite packaging waste, 4m3 of water was saved.
. With the recycled packaging waste, 3,740 electricity was saved. This is more than the annual consumption of a family of four.
. With the recycling of packaging waste instead of burying them in landfills, 6m3 of storage space was saved.