The “German Municipality Experience in The Waste System” meeting was held in İstanbul on 14th February. The meeting was organized with the collaboration of the German-Turkish Chamber of Commerce and Industry with the Federal Germany Ministry of Environment, Nature Conservation, Reconstruction and Reactor Safety Environment Export Initiative.
The Munich Waste System, the importance of the fetch centers in the disposal system, improvements in waste incineration and power generation plants were some of the topics that were discussed at the meeting where Alphan Eröztürk, ÇEVKO Foundation 
Public and External Relations Director, gave a presentation on “The Development of The Turkish Waste System and Location of The Fetch Centers.”  
In his presentation, Eröztürk gave information on Waste Fetch Centers, which have existed abroad for quite some time but which are still new in Turkey. Eröztürk pointed out the importance of establishing  Waste Fetch Centers (WFC) and getting them to operate efficiently in order to decrease the cost of waste collecting, and improve the system, plus to enable municipalities to inform the consumers of their works on waste management. Eröztürk said, “In Europe, the WFCs are no longer just places to where waste is brought but they have become second hand markets for products of waste, and platforms to inform and train the community. In our country it has also become important for the success of the system to make the WFCs more attractive for the consumers by design items and certain arrangements.” 
Representatives of various municipalities of İstanbul, association and foundation officials, and representatives of different institutions attending the meeting shared their works and experiences with the participants.