Ataşehir Municipality hosted the “Recycling for The Future” training seminar carried out by ÇEVKO.

Primary, secondary, and high school teachers, district reeves, and municipal constabulary officers also attended the seminar.

Murat Anaç, ÇEVKO Foundation Chief of Education was the speaker of the seminar, and he gave a presentation on the benefits of recycling, environmental pollution and its extent, recycling methods and areas of usage, problems caused by waste, the importance of regaining for the globe, and recycling systems in use in Turkey.

Anaç  said, “Following the idea of recycling which began to form at the end of the 1980’s, there are now approximately 800 recycling facilities in our country. With the “Trainer  Training”  seminar which we have organized with the Ataşehir Municipality we are informing  our meritorious teachers and thus sharing our knowledge on recycling applications and benefits.”

Director of Environmental Protection and Control, Ayten Kartal, who also attended the seminar, said that the municipality gave great importance to environmental protection and recycling, and that they would develop new projects for a cleaner environment, and for this reason they had started ‘zero waste’ days in Ataşehir.

At the end of the seminar the participants were given the ÇEVKO Foundation Education Program Participation Certificate.