Ford Otosan participated in the Green Office Program of WWF-Turkey with the R&D Center, Sales&After Sales Offices located at İstanbul Sancaktepe, targeting to reduce its environmental impact on natural resources. The "Green Office" Diploma was given to Ford Otosan for its works aimed at raising awareness of energy-saving, conscious use of natural resources, and change in the life style of the employees.

Employees were given awareness on the issue through various activities

Ford Otosan participated in the WWF-Turkey Green Office Program as a company with the most office personnel, and in its first year worked on decreasing the amount of paper, water, and electricity used by 1,711 office staff. Together with 25 voluntary employees from different departments, Ford Otosan made up a team called "The Green Green Office Team" in order to effectively carry out the program.

In a ten-month period of the Green Office Program the achievements were:

• As a result of the improvements made, there was a saving of 10% in the consumption of paper. Also, the amount of CO2 emitted by a vehicle making 78,807 km. was prevented.
•By encouraging the employees to use normal mugs instead of paper cups, the consumption of paper cups decreased by 12% and hence there was a water saving of 1.856.205 lt. based on the production of paper cups.
•With the 9% saving in water usage, the amount of water enough to fill an Olympic swimming pool was prevented from going to waste.
•With the improvements made in the usage of electricity, a saving of 10% was obtained, which equals to the monthly consumption of a family of four.