The “Packaging Waste Control Regulation”, which has been in force since 2005, has been reorganized following a long evaluation period, and entered into force on 1st January 2018.

The Regulation includes several changes for the more effective application of the practices regarding the separate collection of packaging waste and other waste. Its outlines are as follows:

  • It has been aimed to reduce the use of plastic bags throughout the country; and obtaining these bags for free-including online sales-will be prohibited from 1st January 2019. In other words the consumers will be able to get them for a price.
  • The role and responsibility of municipalities in the application of the collection of packaging and other waste separately has been defined more clearly.
  • The end of March has been set for the economic enterprises to put in their notifications.
  • The 3000 kg threshold value defined for the launchers’ recycling responsibility has been updated as 1000 kg.
  • It has become mandatory to produce at a certain rate, glass, metal, plastic, paper/cardboard packaging to be launched within the country from waste collected and/or the raw material obtained from this waste.
  • The transfer of a certain rate of the budget of authorized organizations-with the exception of overhead costs-for equipment, tools, education, and information activities as well as infrastructure support to municipalities, has become mandatory.
  • In compounds of a hundred houses and more it has become mandatory for the compound managements to install collecting equipment in line with the collecting system of the municipality.
  • The calculation method of the fulfillment of recycling obligations has been modified.
  • It has become mandatory to provide at least 80% of the recycling targets from resources other than industrial.
  • In order for the launchers’ to fulfill their obligations, options of deposit application or negotiation with accredited organizations have been defined, and the option of negotiating with the municipalities has been removed.
  • The end of June has been set as deadline for those launchers that have opted for negotiating with authorized organizations. For instance, the launchers that have chosen to work with accredited organizations in 2018 will not be able to make a contract after 30.06.2018.
  • The representative shares required to become an accredited organization have been changed, and the organizations whose accreditations have been cancelled have been prohibited from reapplying for two years.
  • The colours of collecting equipment have been rearranged (Miscellaneous packaging waste:blue, Glass:green and/or white, Paper:blue, Plastic:yellow, Metal:grey)
  • Municipalities have been mandated to keep vehicles having the capacity for packaging waste collection of at least 20% of the capacity of the vehicles used for collecting household waste.
  • On the packaging waste management plans prepared by municipalities, criteria have been defined as to how much collection volume will be created, how many containers will be installed.
  • The criteria regarding packaging waste collection, separation, and recycling have been updated, and the collecting separating facilities have been classified into three groups.
  • The Packaging Commission, which also took place on previous regulations, has been made more effective and is made to meet up at least once a year.
  • The Ministry, when deemed necessary, will have certified public accountants audit all the information and documents of all the parties.
  • The current certified collecting, separating, and recycling companies will be able to carry on their activities until their licences expire.

As ÇEVKO Foundation we are working on a detailed evaluation regarding the differences between the old and new regulation, and the type of changes they will bring in application. We will share our report with you as soon as possible.

Respectfully yours,

ÇEVKO Foundation