Green Dot was first used in 1990-1991 in Germany as the symbol for determining the kinds of packages eligible for separate collection, called the Green Dot System.

In order to deploy the usage of the Green Dot, "Packaging Recovery Organization Europe - PRO Europe" was established in 1995. PRO Europe, without any profit purposes, grants the right to the recovery system of these countries for utilizing a Green Dot license; that is to one system from each country. The Green Dot has become an international model signifying industrial liability. The Green Dot sign on a Package means that the economic operator launching such packaged product to the market has satisfied its legal liabilities with regard to the recovery of packaging waste.

In 2003 ÇEVKO Foundation obtained the right to utilize the international trademark "Green Dot" in Turkey. ÇEVKO has this trademark utilized by the marketers who would like to use the same in our country by means of executing a sub-license agreement with them.

What you should know about the Green Dot:

  • Valid in 31 countries, the majority of which are EU members
  • More than 150.000 corporations utilize the Green Dot trademark on their packagings.
  • The quantity of packagings on which Green Dot are used has reached 400 billion pieces per year.
  • The Green Dot system covers 540 million consumers.
  • Green Dot is a registered trademark in more than 140 countries.