Our natural resources are protected

Doğal Kaynaklarımız

Our natural resources are decreasing day by day due to the increase in the World population and the changes in consumption habits. For this reason the natural resources have to be used efficiently by means of decreasing the material consumption and recycling the qualified waste which can be utilized. As the result of utilization of our natural resources such as forests, water and petroleum during the production process, glass, metal, plastic and paper/cardboard packagings are obtained. After the packagings launched into the market become waste and separated according to their types and delivered to the recycling industry, the recycled products are used as secondary raw materials during the production process. Therefore, our natural resources are used less and contribution is made to the nature. For example; as the result of recycling 1 ton of paper, cutting out of 17 trees is prevented. As the result of recovery of plastic packaging waste, petroleum saving is provided. For each recycled ton of glass, 100 litres of petroleum is saved.


Energy saving is provided

Enerji Tasarrufu

Recycling provides energy saving by means of decreasing the number of industrial processes in material production. For example; in the recycling process of metal beverage cans, as these metals are directly melted and transformed into a new product, production may be made available without any necessity for the mineral ore used for the production of such metals and the purification process of such ore. 95% of energy saving may be possible from the recycling of an aluminium beverage can according to the amount of product obtained from the raw material. Similarly, the energy required for the re-processing of paper separated from solid waste is 50% of the energy required for normal processes. Furthermore, 45% of water saving is provided. In a similar manner, significant amount of energy may be provided from the recycling of glass and plastic waste.


Contribution is made to economy

Ekonomiye Katkı

Recycling is an economic investment in long term. As the result of decrease in raw materials and rapid consumption of natural resources, economic problems may arise. Recycling may have positive impacts on the economy at this point. Decrease in the consumption of Energy and Natural Resources constitutes significant importance for the country’s economy. Besides this, upon the decrease of raw materials such as petroleum which is outsourced, our money is kept inland and our economy develops better. By selling products such as synthetic fibre formed as the result of recycling, inflow of foreign currency to our country is enabled.


Waste amount is decreased

Atık Yönetimi

By means of recycling application, a decrease in the amount of waste going to garbage is enabled and therefore smaller space and less energy is used for the handling and storage of such waste. While the approximate density of domestic waste is 0,6 kg/m3, it is observed that the density of packaging waste is approximately 0,3 kg/m3. This weight is not much as for the domestic waste but when it is considered in terms of volume, it constitutes a significant ratio. In the collection operations carried out, while domestic waste is able to be compressed with a ratio of 75-80%, it has been observed that such ratio is approximately 25% for packaging waste. By the recovery of packaging waste, more domestic waste is collected in collection vehicles and this reduces the collection and transportation costs. As less waste will be delivered to storage spaces, such storage spaces constructed with high costs will be able to be used for longer periods of time.


It is an investment for the future

Gelecek için Yatırım

Efficient use of natural resources provided by the World we live in is of vital importance for the future generations not to suffer lack of resources. How much efficient we use the natural resources of the World, the future generations will suffer less from lack of resources and they will be able to utilize the natural resources as well. Besides this, the recycling sector is developing day by day in our country. This development will enable the establishment of new facilities and arising of new job opportunities.