Geri Dönüşüm veya Geri Kazanım

Recycling or Recovery

These signs mean that the package is produced using recyclable or recoverable material.

Geri Dönüştürülmüş Maddeden Üretilmiş Ürünler

Products Made Using Recycled Material

This sign indicates that the product is made using recycled material.

ÇEVKO Vakfı Üye İşareti

ÇEVKO Foundation Member Sign

Enterprises producing products with the ÇEVKO sign (as shown on the left) are members of ÇEVKO Foundation.

Yeşil Nokta

Green Dot

This sign indicates that enterprises realize their duties regarding recovery by turning them over to ÇEVKO. Green Dot sign indicates that corporations have signed an agreement with ÇEVKO for the use of the trademark.

With regard to the signage on the packaging, you can get detailed information from the Regulation on Packaging Waste Control Annex 2 Packaging Signage System.