ÇEVKO Foundation is a non-profit foundation established with the initiative of 14 leading industrial companies in our country on date November 1991 in order to contribute to the establishment of a sustainable recycling system with the contribution and participation of local management and consumers for the economic and regular recycling of packing wastes in Turkey.

ÇEVKO Foundation adopts the "Integrated Waste Management" principles in all works performed by it pursuant to its purpose of establishment. ÇEVKO Foundation has performed works in order to form the required system in order to enable the healthy and clean recycling of glass, metal, plastic, composite and paper/cardboard type packing wastes. With the Integrated Waste Management, the sharing of responsibility of local managements, industry and consumers is prioritized.

ÇEVKO Foundation, gaining the usage right of the international "Green Dot" trademark in Turkey in the year 2002, was admitted to the recycling organizations family using such trademark which is widespread in Europe and was entitled to represent our country in the European Union.

ÇEVKO foundation, which started its journey in 1991 with 14 members, was announced to be an Authorized Organization by the Turkish Republic Ministry of Environment and Urbanization within the framework of the "Regulation on the Control of Packaging and Packaging Waste" published in 2005 during the harmonization process of Turkey to the EU. As of the year 2005, companies selling packaged products in the Turkish market have been transferring their recovery obligations to ÇEVKO Foundation for the recovery of packaging waste.

The Foundation has fulfilled its obligations in accordance with the "Regulation on the Control of Packaging Waste" which was re-enacted in August 2011.

ÇEVKO Foundation carries out activities regarding communication, awareness-raising and training for the performance of the liabilities it has assumed. The authorized organization develops activities regarding the separate collection of packaging waste at source in cooperation with municipal administrations and licensed companies on behalf of the packaging producers and economic operators which put packaging on to the market it represents. By virtue of this, ÇEVKO Foundation fills a significant gap at the implementation stage of the regulation.

ÇEVKO Foundation, having taken over the recovery responsibilities of the industry, carries out its activities on contractual basis with many economic operators. Such corporations include domestic or foreign ones active in Turkey as fillers, packaging producers, packing recyclers with private labels, big scale shopping malls and chain stores from food, consumption, medicine, chemistry and oil, etc. sectors using glass, metal, plastic, paper and composite packaging.